The Centre provides analytic and evaluation services to the provincial government and the Regional Health Authorities to support the delivery of health programs and inform provincial health policy. We also support applied health research through the provision of data extraction and linkage services and collaboration with academic and private sectors researchers.


The Centre’s analytics team uses health system data to provide meaningful information to the Department of Health and Community Services and the Regional Health Authorities for the purposes of program development and performance monitoring and to support provincial health policy.  It also prepares data files for use by external researchers, in accordance with Research Ethics Board (REB) and other conditions of approval. The Centre’s analytic services entail data extractions, linkage, analysis, data and database management, health indicator development, and visualization including use of geographic information systems and infographics.

Analytic services include data extractions, linkage and analysis, data and database management, and health indicator development. This information is regularly used in academic research and by the Department of Health and Community Services and Regional Health Authorities to inform briefing notes, annual reports, strategies and service delivery.


The Centre collaborates with regional and provincial partners to carry out benefits evaluations of provincial information systems, evaluate provincial legislation, and monitor and evaluate programs and services.  The resulting evidence demonstrates program effectiveness and is used to inform cabinet decisions related to the sustainability and/or expansion of programs and services.  Examples of past evaluations include the provincial Telehealth program; the province’s HealthLine service; the Mental Health Care and Treatment Act; the provincial Cancer Control Policy Framework; the Cancer Patient Navigation service; the Ottawa Hospital Model of Nursing Clinical Practice; and the Paid Family Caregiving Program.