Home Based Telehealth

Home Based Telehealth is a new service of the Provincial Telehealth Program. Home Based Telehealth allows you to use your own technology to have a virtual visit with your Health Care Provider in the comfort of your own home or other convenient location. You will see, hear and talk to your Health Care Provider and will not have to travel.

If Home Based Telehealth is a service you would like to participate in, please schedule an appointment with your Health Care Provider to see if this option.

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Internet Connection Speed Test

If you have discussed a Home Based Telehealth appointment with your Health Care Provider, you are required to test the compatibility of your internet connection with the device you plan to use (i.e. cell phone, computer, tablet, etc.) before scheduling your appointment.  The Internet Speed Test ensures there is internet compatibility with the Telehealth software. Click here to complete the Internet Speed Test.

Important Browser Information

To attend a Telehealth appointment, you will require access to the internet through a device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone that has a camera and supported browser. 

NOTE: Internet Explorer is not supported.

Supported browsers include:


Health Care Provider/Staff 


“Telehealth allows our clients to receive specialist care in the comfort of their own town and facility, with a nurse they know at their side. An ideal world!”
- Registered Nurse, Central Health

“Telehealth for the wound clinic has improved efficiency and enabled me to expand access throughout the region for wound consults. Numerous patients have stated that having Telehealth access has provided them with quality health care in a timely, cost saving manner.”
- Wound Care Nurse, Western Health

“I am able to see clients in a timely manner and offer more frequent face-to-face follow up. Providing appointments through Telehealth allows for more service time with clients and less driving between communities. I look forward to the continued growth of Telehealth for the Connaigre Peninsula therefore being able to reach a larger population.”
- Registered Dietician, Central Health